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Weight Loss!

Successfully lose weight in 4 weeks even if nothing has worked before—without hunger, boring food, calorie counting or exercise.





Question for you...

What's the difference between the people
in all those transformation photos and you?


Nothing's working! Am I right?

You know you need to lose weight. You know it. Your doctor knows it. You want to do it. You've tried to do it

But, what do you do when nothing is working?

You're told to "eat less and move more." You've done that, but it's not working!

I get it, I've totally been there...

You're just expected to figure out what's wrong and what to do about it. And, OMG have you tried!

The constant dieting and searching for solutions...

You're putting forth so much effort and getting nothing, and I'm mean nothing in return.

So much effort and nothing to show for it...

And you're frustrated—really frustrated!

Other people lose weight, and you're wondering what's wrong with you.

You feel like...

As much as you have dieted that you should have a handle on this,

but you don't.


And it's not your fault!

Pretty Much Everything We've Been Told About

Health & Weight Loss Has Been A Lie!


🤍You deserve to know the truth about the root cause of weight gain.

🤍You deserve to have tools and information needed to solve your weight issue.

🤍You deserve to have step-by-step guidance & a proven system that works!

Let's face it, you've spent countless hours and precious moments of your life searching for solutions and trying diet after diet with nothing to show for it and you're just plain worn out from the constant searching.

You don't have what it takes to do one more diet that doesn't work.

You need a solution!!


Keto Quick-Start



Keto Quick-Start is a 4 week work-at-your-own-pace online course that will provide you with a detailed roadmap on how to burn your own body fat for fuel.

Coach Lisa Carroll was featured on the cover of Women's World Magazine for her Keto Quick-Start Strategies and she will be your virtual coach for these sessions.

Experience the power of Real Community in our private online group. Build a rapport with your coach, gain support & connect with others on the same journey.


"I dropped from a size 24 to a 6, reversed Diabetes & lost 146 lbs with this program!" 

"I tried every diet imaginable; liquid diets, drops, pills, potions~nothing worked. I even had Lap Band surgery, but the weight came right back. I felt trapped inside my own body. I was in constant pain; losing the will to live; struggling with anxiety and depression; then I got Diabetes. Lisa helped me to understand the real reason why I couldn’t lose weight, how to get it off, and how to keep it off. I’ve lost 146 lbs. I am happy & healthy, I no longer have Diabetes & I’m wearing a size 6! I feel like I’m 15 again and I have Lisa Carroll to thank. I got my life back and you can too!"

-Holly Hancock

I'm Lisa Carroll

Certified Health & Ketogenic Life Coach


I know what a challenge it can be to lose weight, and to implement a new way of eating, while making sure you avoid programs that don't educate properly.

My program addresses the root cause of weight gain. This means you can lose all the weight you need to lose and keep it off forever.

Keto Quick-Start is made up of the same strategies I used to shed 105 lbs and over 60+total inches! 

 I’ve helped hundreds of people just like you discover the real reason why their weight loss efforts aren’t working to recover their health, reach their goals, and totally transform their life! 

My signature program is designed to give you resultsThis is absolutely going to be the last "diet" that you ever have to be on!

Check out what you get

inside the course



This Module Includes:

  • Complete "Getting Started" Guide
  • 360° Overview of the Ketogenic Diet
  • A personal walk-through of your Program Instructions and Food Guide 
  • Detailed explanation of Macros; what they are and how to use them
  • Tracking app set-up along with tips and tricks for easy tracking & recipe imports
  • Guided Pantry Purge so that you know exactly what to avoid in order to gain a smooth transition into fat burning.
  • Video tutorials to personally guide you through the entire set up process ensuring that you have everything you need to successfully lose weight.



This Module Includes:

  • Explanation of Electrolytes; their importance and why they are not optional on the Ketogenic Diet
  •  Electrolyte Requirements will be discussed in detail so that you know exactly how to meet them.
  • How to prevent electrolyte imbalances (aka Keto Flu). You do not have to get this. I'm going to show you how to avoid it altogether.
  • Weekly concentrations, action tips, and quick easy assignments to keep your electrolytes on point, prevent cravings & to ensure that you avoid all the pitfalls associated with doing Keto the wrong way.
  • Further Education Videos to deepen your knowledge
  • Video tutorials along with quick tips and recipes to help you navigate this important topic.



This Module Includes:

  • Explanation of Nutritional Ketosis
  • How to get into and maintain this preferred metabolic state
  • 10 Tips To Optimize Fat Burning 
  • Ketosis vs. Ketoacidosis
  • Ketone Testing, Optimal Ranges, and Preferred Methods of Testing.
  • Information on what device to use, how and why you might want to test and what the results mean.
  • Weekly Concentration
  • Weekly Action Tip and a quick & easy assignment to help kick your fat burning in to high gear.
  • Video tutorials along with quick tips and recipes to to help keep you in an optimal state of Fat Burning



This Module Includes:

  • Complete "Wrap Up and Review" of everything we've learned.
  • Condensed Tips and Tweaks, and points to remember.
  • How to kick up your weight loss with this perfect compliment to the Ketogenic Diet
  • Information on Meal Prep & Planning
  • Amazing Recipes that you are sure to love
  • Weekly Concentration, Action Tip and a quick and easy Assignment to help you gain success.
  • Video tutorials to help you implement what you've learned and to put it all together and to develop a lifestyle
  • Plus a Special Bonus & Opportunity


Enroll today and snag these bonuses:

  • Macro Guide ($29 value)
  • Electrolyte Guide ($29 value)
  • Ketosis Guide ($29 value)
  • Supplements Guide ($32 value)
  • Keto Resource Packet ($29 value)

   That's $148 Worth of Bonuses Absolutely Free!


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Four Weeks Of Video Tutorials
Step-by-Step Instructions

Instant Access To All Modules
Plus Digital Course Materials

Weekly Interactive Action Guides
For Quick & Easy Implementation 

Private Members Community
For Support, Questions & Feedback e Members Community

  • Macro Guide ($29 value)
  • Electrolyte Guide ($29 value)
  • Ketosis Guide ($29 value)
  • Supplements Guide ($32 value)
  • Keto Resource Packet ($29 value)

Program Valued at $497

Yours today for only $197


How the course will be delivered

  • 4 Weeks of Video Tutorials accessible via Desktop or on your Mobile device
  • Instant Access to all 4 Modules plus Guides to go along with the training
  • 4 Weeks of Digital Course materials for Easy Learning & Quick Implementation
  • Private Facebook Community for Support, Questions &  Feedback
  • Mobile App for On-The-Go Learning

Questions 1st~then on to the button pushing!

Hear what others are saying

Debra Whitmore~Lost 50 lbs!

“I couldn't lose weight no matter how hard I tried. I was living a metabolic nightmare! Coach Lisa Carroll helped me to understand the root cause of my issue. Today, I am at a healthy weight and enjoying life. Signing up for coaching with Lisa was absolutely the best investment I’ve ever made!”

Beth Seutos~Was shocked!

“I loved the Keto Quick-Start Course and I am so thankful I found Lisa Carroll. I had been doing keto for 2 years, but found out I was doing it all wrong. The course was easy to understand & so full of valuable information. The best money I have spent on myself! I am now losing weight and feeling great!”


Good, because there's something that I need to tell you.

To get to the place that you want to be, you need to take stock in where you are today and resolve to take the action that will get you to where you need to go. Otherwise you'll self-sabotage and stagnate for yet another year. And since you're reading this, I absolutely don't want that for you (I was there for far too long). I don't want you to look back in 3-6 months or even 12 months from now looking at all those transformation photos, wondering if that could have been you if only you had taken action. I want you to lose all the weight you want to lose and for you to improve your health and increase your energy and your confidence. And, I want you to feel proud of your success! I want you to be able to thank yourself for the decision that you made today. 

Get Started Today!




Four Weeks of Video Tutorials
Step-By-Step Instructions

Instant Access to All Modules
Plus Digital Course Materials

Weekly Interactive Action Guides 
For Quick & Easy Implementation

Private Members Community
For Support, Questions & Feedback e Members Community

  • Macro Guide ($29 value)
  • Electrolyte Guide ($29 value)
  • Ketosis Guide ($29 value)
  • Supplements Guide ($32 value)
  • Keto Resource Packet ($29 value)

Program Valued at $497

Yours today for only $197


Need some peace of mind?

The cost of this course is NOTHING compared to the years and time you’ll save by finally learning how to do Keto the right way.

And remember, the price of my course is covered in the bonuses alone and those are 100% yours to keep. 

Your health is priceless, invest because you are certainly worth it.